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Barbra Streisand Auction

Her Name is Barbra -- Streisand Auction
Barbra Streisand Certificate of Authenticity

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Items 1-25

Item 1
1920s Style Light Blue Dress

Custom 1920s Style Dress. Light blue crushed satin silk full length sleeveless dress, featuring six appliquéd roses of matching fabric adorning neckline.

Sold: $360.00

1920s Style Light Blue Dress  1920s Style Light Blue Dress

Item 2
Barbra Streisand Marshall Field Fur Coat

Marshall Field Lamb Fur Coat Light brown long sleeve, lamb fur coat by Marshall Field & Company, label reading, Genuine Laskin Mouton, Dyed Lamb," featuring two decorative off-white heavy plastic buttons, 5/8 inches in diameter, two side slit pockets, brown satin lining, no date, minor tearing at seam in lining. A classic coat from Barbra's collection.

Sold: $288.00

Barbra Streisand Marshall Field Fur Coat  Barbra Streisand Marshall Field Fur Coat

Item 3
Barbra Streisand Custom Vintage Dress

Vintage black polyester evening gown, label reading, "An original design Registered by a member of Fashion Originators Guild," featuring attached heavily beaded cape, 1 inch straps, mini covered button closure at back.

Sold: $960.00

Barbra Streisand Custom Vintage Dress  Barbra Streisand Custom Vintage Dress

Item 4
Reiss & Fabrizio Fox Fur Coat

Reiss & Fabrizio Fox Fur Coat Grey and black long sleeve, fox fur coat by Reiss & Fabrizio, collarless, two side slit pockets, grey synthetic lining, hook and eye closure at front, featuring snap buttons at lining and bottom areas to modify hem to waistcoat, no date.

Sold: $1320.00

Reiss & Fabrizio Fox Fur Coat  Reiss & Fabrizio Fox Fur Coat
Reiss & Fabrizio Fox Fur Coat

Item 5
Barbra Streisand Vintage Art Deco Pin

Vintage Art Deco Pin Silver clip on style pin featuring set crystal bugle beads and rhinestones, approximately 2 inches in length, no makers mark, no date. Barbra is shown above wearing the pin on a vintage hat.

Sold: $1110.00

Barbra Streisand Vintage Art Deco Pin  Barbra Streisand Vintage Art Deco Pin

Item 6
Custom Vintage Jacket

Vintage Full Length Jacket Tan satin full length empire style jacket, having long sleeves, affixed label reading, Paramount," large embroidered floral appliqué attached at front, covered buttons and zipper closure at front. This jacket matches the furniture featured in On A Clear Day You Can See Forever. Barbra had it custom made.

Sold: $396.00

Custom Vintage Jacket  Custom Vintage Jacket

Item 7
Barbra Streisand Dior Ensemble

Christian Dior 1966 Vintage Ensemble Vintage 1966 Christian Dior black tulle lace mini dress with cape and veil style head piece. There are three layers of silk, tulle and chiffon underskirts. The bodice shell is chiffon over silk trimmed with lace. The entire overlay is black lace tulle mounted over sheer black tulle. It features spaghetti straps and a zipper up the back. The label reads: Made in France, Printemps-ete 1966, Christian Dior, Paris." The head piece is also labeled. It has a comb to clip into the hair and the cape is attached to the back of the head piece.

Sold: $1800.00

Barbra Streisand Dior Ensemble  Barbra Streisand Dior Ensemble

Item 8
Butler & Wilson Brooch

Butler & Wilson Rhinestone Brooch Hand shaped costume brooch by Butler & Wilson, the popular London makers of costume jewelry. Brooch comprised of rows of rhinestones of varying sizes, decorative ruby colored stones set as fingernails, decorative jet black stones set as bracelet at wrist area, Butler & Wilson mark on verso, approximately 2 by 4 inches.

Sold: $1260.00

Butler & Wilson Brooch

Item 9
Barbra Streisand Art Deco Pin

Art Deco Pin Vintage rectangular Art Deco style pin featuring intricately detailed design with rows of small set stones, approximately 7/8 by 1 6/8", no makers mark, no date, minor stone losses.

Sold: $450.00

Barbra Streisand Art Deco Pin

Item 10
1940s Style Dress

Custom black, grey, and mustard crepe full length 1940s style evening dress, having decorative belt tie at waist, crepe covered buttons, pleated skirt, shoulder padding, deep "V" neckline, side zipper, no label.

Sold: $408.00

  1940s Style Dress  1940s Style Dress

Item 11
Barbra Streisand Halston Caftan

Halston 1970s Vintage Cashmere Dress Full length crème cashmere dress featuring a V-neck front, flared full length sleeves, side slit pockets and slits at each side from knee length down to the hem of the garment. Typical of vintage Halston the tunic displays his trademarks of a classic cut, simplicity, and elegance. It includes the simple Halston" label. Couture designer Halston started his career in the early 1960's with Bergdorf Goodman making hats. This was a favorite shopping destination of Streisand. Some spotting and staining at bottom areas.

Sold: $420.00

Barbra Streisand Halston Caftan  Barbra Streisand Halston Caftan

Item 12
Barbra Streisand Lagerfeld Dress

Karl Lagerfeld Open Back Cocktail Dress Black sleeveless, knee length cocktail dress made of silk, featuring a 1 ½ band of lace 4" from the hemline of the dress. The dress is belted and has a collar style neck which fastens with three hook and eye closures in the back. Lagerfeld has and continues to design for some of the most renowned fashion houses in the world; Chanel, Fendi, Valentino and Chloe among them. He is known for his strong tailoring and began his own self titled label in 1984.

Sold: $360.00

Barbra Streisand Lagerfeld Dress  Barbra Streisand Lagerfeld Dress

Item 13
Barbra Streisand Hello Dolly Gown

Hello Dolly Victorian Period Dressing Gown by Irene Sharaff, 20th Century Fox, 1969 Victorian vintage style dressing gown which Barbra Streisand wore for her interpretation of Dolly Levi while singing Love is Only Love," in her gas lit New York City Hotel apartment. The full length gown is made of two layers of sheer chiffon, and features a train. The sleeves of the under dress are trimmed in a very fine lace with matching lace on the outer layer of the gown which makes up the collar and the full length lapels. The cape style overlay sleeves and the entire shell of the overlay is accordion pleated. The collar is trimmed with faux flowers made from multi colored metallic thread and fabrics. The entire bottom and train of the under gown is trimmed with lace. There are no labels.

Sold: $3720.00

Barbra Streisand Hello Dolly Gown  Barbra Streisand Hello Dolly Gown
Barbra Streisand Hello Dolly Gown

Item 14
Barbra Streisand Hello Dolly Wig

Hello Dolly Hand Woven Victorian Style Wig, 20th Century Fox 1969 Hand sewn human hair wig on its original Max Factor of Hollywood wig block. It features a realistic lace hairline, is red/blonde in shade and is in an upsweep style. The wig block has Hello Dolly" written on it. Although this piece does not appear on screen it was produced for the film.

Sold: $510.00

Barbra Streisand Hello Dolly Wig  Barbra Streisand Hello Dolly Wig

Item 15
Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Gown

Funny Girl Costume Gown, Columbia 1968 Full length, circa 1915 style gown with a high-waist fully lined blush colored silk V neck bodice, deep burgundy red silk ribbon waist band and deep red velvet skirt. The full length sleeves snap at the wrists and the dress has a back zipper. Gown has a M. Berman Ltd, 18 Irving St., Leicester Sq., W.C.2, Miss B Streisand" label. This gown can be seen in the film during a montage of shots accompanying "Sadie, Sadie." The Irene Sharaff designed costumes were made for the New York and London casts.

Sold: $1380.00

Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Gown  Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Gown
Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Gown

Item 17
Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Gown

Funny Girl Irene Sharaff Beaded Gown Columbia, 1968 Full length, long sleeved evening dress with a low cut bodice and empire style waist. Constructed in layers, there is a fine silk under-shell with an over-lay of chiffon netting heavily encrusted with sequins and rhinestones in various motifs. The very bottom of the dress has a layer of crinoline and a double layer of silk under dress which gives the bottom a full appearance. The sleeves feature snaps as does the entire back of the over-lay. There are no labels. It was designed by Academy Award winning costume designer Irene Sharaff, whose work was featured in both the Broadway and film versions. The dress is seen in two variations in the film. The first has a cape like train attached to the back. This dress, which does not have the cape attachment, is seen without the cape on screen when Barbra as Fanny Brice falls asleep in the ship's cabin waiting for Nick Arnstein, played by Omar Sharif, to return from his poker game and announce their engagement. There is one seam tear at bottom area, otherwise excellent condition.

Sold: $4800.00

Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Gown  Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Gown
Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Gown

Item 18
Barbra Streisand Wig

Wig for Early Television and Live Appearances Hand sewn medium brown wig of human hair with lace front. An iconic and unique look worn by Barbra during the early years of her career. Fine condition.

Sold: $630.00

Barbra Streisand Wig  Barbra Streisand Wig

Item 19
Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Gown

Funny Girl Theatrical Costume Gown for People" Winter Garden Theater, 1964 - 1965 World War I period gown featuring a pleated silk chiffon underskirt decorated with bugle beads. The outer shell is satin with a chiffon overlay. There is a bow at knee height which features an attached "brooch" encrusted with rhinestones at center. The skirt and waist band are gathered. The bodice treatment continues the underskirt motif of bugle beaded chiffon over satin with rhinestone accents. The sides of the bodice and the sleeves are decorated with flat rhinestones and "grape" style tassels made up of beads and sequins. The costume is "theatrically" constructed and features industrial hook and eye and zipper in back. No labels present. This gown was worn when Streisand introduced the song "People" live to Broadway audiences during the original 1964 run of the play at the Broadway Winter Garden theatre. Her image in this costume was used heavily in publicity for the play and featured on the cover of Playbill for a time during the run. The brilliant film and stage costume designer Irene Sharaff created the costumes for both the stage and film versions of Funny Girl. Minor repairs to chiffon overlay, overall fine condition."

Sold: $23,400.00

Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Gown  Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Gown
Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Gown

Item 20
Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Costume

Funny Girl Red Velvet Costume Trimmed in Fur by Irene Sharaff, Columbia, 1968 Full length silk velvet full length coat and matching skirt. The coat is trimmed at the bottom with black fox fur. The coat has full length sleeves, a train and a cape extension attached at the front which goes over the shoulder and is also trimmed in fur. The matching full length skirt is pleated. No labels present. The costume designs created by Sharaff for the stage version of Funny Girl were beautifully re-worked for the film version. This costume was seen on screen during a montage during Sadie, Sadie." Excellent condition."

Sold: $6900.00

Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Costume  Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Costume
Barbra Streisand Funny Girl Costume

Item 21
Barbra Streisand Scaasi Gown

Arnold Scaasi Funny Girl Premiere Gown 1968 Dress made of heavy silk base, a mid layer of chiffon netting and an overlay of chiffon netting decorated with butterfly shaped patterns of sequins, rhinestones, silver thread and tiny shells. The full length gown has a back zipper, is sleeveless and has spaghetti straps. An Arnold Scaasi designer label is present. On September 18, 1968, Barbra's first film world premiered at the Criterion Theatre in New York City. She attended with then husband Elliott Gould. For the special event, Arnold Scaasi custom designed and made this enchanting gown. Excellent condition.

Sold: $6300.00

Barbra Streisand Scaasi Gown Barbra Streisand Scaasi Gown
Barbra Streisand Scaasi Gown

Item 22
Barbra Streisand Designed Gown

Barbra Streisand Designed Costume Party Gown, Circa 1964 Custom costume ensemble comprised of a full length blush crepe silk evening dress, having spaghetti straps with hook and eye closure, low cut back, bottom trimmed with two layers of pink ostrich feathers, having pinned in bra together with matching cape, also trimmed in ostrich feathers, sash tie at ends. Barbra wore this ensemble to a 1964 Funny Girl cast costume party. Heavy staining on cape, small holes on dress, overall fair condition.

Sold: $840.00

Barbra Streisand Designed Gown  Barbra Streisand Designed Gown
Barbra Streisand Designed Gown

Item 23
Barbra Streisand Gernreich Dress

Rudi Gernreich 1960s Wool Dress Heavy purple wool custom gown features wide black straps of wool overlay, the design extending on the bodice and around the back. The dress is pleated at center front and is an example of the empire style waist favored by Barbra Streisand. The dress has a back zipper and side slit pockets. It features a label reading Rudi Gernreich Design for Harmon Knitwear, 10, Dry Clean Only, 100% Wool. This dress is a wonderful example of late 1960's high fashion. Rudi Gernreich captured the feel of the era using bold color combinations and prints. Excellent condition."

Sold: $780.00

Barbra Streisand Gernreich Dress Barbra Streisand Nursing Outfit
Barbra Streisand Gernreich Dress

Item 24
Barbra Streisand Nursing Outfit

Lavender Nursing Gown and Jacket Full length two piece lavender polyester ensemble by Character-Matej, including a full length nightgown, trimmed in scalloped ivory lace. The gown is paired with a matching full length robe, featuring rows of ruffled polyester, short sleeves, no collar, snap closure at neckline and matching bow. Barbra purchased this set when she was pregnant with her son Jason and was photographed wearing it by Bob Willoughby for a July 25, 1967 LOOK magazine article entitled Mama Barbra." Overall excellent condition."

Sold: $1560.00

Barbra Streisand Nursing Outfit Barbra Streisand Nursing Outfit

Item 25
Barbra Streisand Scaasi Jumper

Arnold Scaasi Vintage 1969 Pants Jumper Custom made jumper designed for Barbra by Arnold Scaasi. Garment fully lined in light silk and has a satin shell with an organdy chiffon overlay at the sleeve edges and on the legs. It is decorated with braids of thread and rhinestones and decorative circles also made up of thread and rhinestones. This piece is reminiscent of a similar gown worn for the 1969 Academy Awards, but is actually a jumper, with pant legs. The Arnold Scaasi label is present. Excellent condition.

Sold: $4080.00

Barbra Streisand Scaasi Jumper  Barbra Streisand Scaasi Jumper
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