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Michael Jackson Fedora Hat Michael Jackson Fedora Hat Michael Jackson Fedora Hat Michael Jackson Fedora Hat Michael Jackson dancing in Fedora Hat
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Estimate: $6,000 - $8,000


A black felt fedora hat worn by Michael Jackson during his opening performance at the 1995 MTV Music Awards The hat features Jackson's name embossed in gold on the interior brim of the hatband, a black grosgrain ribbon hatband with bow on left side, and additional white handwritten letters inside the hat that read “BJ 2.” Accompanied by an original signed letter from Lisa Marie Presley dated December 5, 1995 that reads in full, “This letter accompanies the hat purchased at the 1995 Celebrity Golf Tournament held in La Quinta, California. This is an authentic Michael Jackson hat, the hat Michael wore at the 1995 Music Awards.” The lot is also accompanied by three backstage “talent” passes to the 1995 Video Music Awards on metal lanyards each with the initials, M.J.

Jackson performed a medley lasting over ten minutes surprising the crowd when Slash joined him for the song “Black or White.” Jackson followed this with a solo performance of “Billie Jean” featuring a long break for one of his signature dance solos, and then wrapped up the performance with a group of back up dancers performing a full version of “Dangerous.”

Jackson uses a total of three hats throughout this performance; the first is immediately tossed off stage when he enters to sing “Billie Jean.” The second is placed on stage for him to pick up as he begins his dance solo for “Billie Jean.” He again tosses this hat off stage when he finishes the song. He picks up a third hat from his dancers as he performs “Dangerous.”

The “BJ 2” marking in the current hat indicates that this was the hat Jackson wore during the “Billie Jean” dance solo.

Michael was also a winner that night, sharing three Moonmen with his sister, Janet Jackson for the pair's "Scream" which won the Best Dance Video, Best Art Direction and Best Choreography awards.

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