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Michael Jackson Thriller Display
Estimate: $600 - $800


Michael Jackson “Thriller” (Epic Records, 1982) display of three gold single records and one platinum record, given to the record's engineer Humberto Gatica with a typed note written to “Humberto” and signed “M.J.” thanking Gatica for his work on the album. “Thriller” is still the best selling album of all time in the world, having sold over 110 million copies. In the US the album has gone platinum 28 times. Gatica, Is a renowned music producer and engineer that worked on both “Thriller” and “Bad” (Epic, 1987) with Jackson and Quincy Jones. As Jackson prepared for his next album, following his London concerts, Gatica was to team up with Jackson again as a trusted friend and talented producer.

23 3/4 by 18 inches

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