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Estimate: $1,000-2,000


Cassette recording of a 1978 unpublished 19 minute interview with Michael Jackson and 12 minutes of the Jackson brothers without Michael. Memorex 90 cassette accompanied by a CD copy of the tape; these are the only two copies of this recording and the winning bidder will be the sole owner.

The interview occurred after Jackson's filming of "The Wiz" (Universal Pictures, 1978) and prior to the release of The Jackson 5's "Destiny" album. The Michael Jackson interview, conducted by Patrick Salvo, touches on The Jackson 5 leaving Motown Records, Jermaine's solo work, if Jackson can be himself while living in the spotlight, Smokey Robinson and Diana Ross' attempts to introduce Jackson the the philosophical movement EST and Ross' wonderful treatment to Jackson on the set of "The Wiz."

The soft voiced Jackson can be heard over clicking camera shutters in the background. He deflects some questions about race and if he has a "normal" life. There are many revealing comments including Jackson saying he has never had jitters on stage and prefers to be on stage than anywhere else.

The interview with the other members of the Jackson 5 are jovial, while the interviewer asks about different people the band is involved with including Joe Jackson, Berry Gordy, Diana Ross and current events including the Jonestown Massacre, the Alex Huxley book "Roots" and the Jackson's reaction to visiting Africa. Both Michael and his brothers discuss Peacock Productions, their own production company and the symbolism behind the peacock.

These interviews were purchased after Patrick Salvo's death from his estate.

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