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Jackson 5 Painting by Werlin Jackson 5 Painting by Werlin Jackson 5 Painting by Werlin
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Estimate: $8,000 - $10,000


Oil on Canvas, M. Werlin, 1970, signed LRC. Original oil painting commissioned in 1970 for the album cover of an upcoming Jackson 5 record. Motown said at the time that the commissioned painting cost more than commissioned presidential portraits.

Michael Jackson was 12 years old at the time of the portrait sitting. The Jackson family at this time was riding high on the success of “Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5” and had just moved to California. The artwork was ultimately not used by Motown and became the possession of Bob Jones, Motown Publicist and Publicity Chief. After 17 years with Motown Jones left to become Vice President of Communications for MJJ Productions.

The painting is accompanied by two newspaper articles that show Werlin working on this painting in his studio with the Jackson 5.

50 1/2 by 50 inches, framed

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